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Take a look at Imaret's concerts

The musicians Marina Liontou-Mohamed and Alkis Zopoglou presented their compositions and improvisations with an oud and a qanun under the dome of Imaret.

00:00 Intro                                 13:26 Karma

00:17 Wa Habibi                       17:34 Taksim

02:50 Taksim                             20:23 Florina

06:23 Buselik Semail                ​26:00 Unsaid

Vassilis and Dimitris Efrosynidis, with the participation of Anastasia Hatziapostolidou, filled a winter afternoon in Imaret with some nostalgic music.

03:57 Organic         12:30 High mountains

07:28 The station                    ​15:35 The room

10:06 Summer              18:55 For a woman

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